Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Lessons are available for one to one or group tuition.

Group Classes: Students will be trained in choral and solo work within various genres of music. They will be introduced to singing by learning how to sing in unison, harmony and canon through the use of games and simple exercises. Additionally, they will be taught about keeping good vocal health and sight reading through solfah.

Vocal tuition will include development of singing ability as well as growth in confidence through musical and team building exercises. There will also be opportunities to take part in public performances and examinations.
Genres covered in the course will include musical theatre, pop and folk.

One to One Tuition: Students will be trained in various styles of singing and coached in pitch, tone and diction.

Vocal tuition for each student will include development of technical ability, building of repertoire in a number of genres and working towards public performances and examinations.

Additionally, students will be coached in foreign language for any classical songs included in their tuition and this will be based on each individual’s preference to be coached in this particular style.

Genres covered in one-to-one lessons will vary based on the individual and can cover musical theatre, pop, folk, jazz, country and classical.